Permanent Ales at The Hop Leeds:

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At the heart of The Hop is Real Ale, a unique, traditional product and Britain's National Drink.

Whereas most beer is pasteurised and/or filtered for longer shelf life, Real/Cask Ale/Beer is fresh beer with live yeast in the cask. Its undergone a slow, secondary fermentation that keeps it in peak condition. Ensuring depth of flavour and a natural carbonation (Pete Brown 2010).

Yorkshire Blonde

Fruity Lager Style Beer

3.9 AVB

A brand new addition to the line-up for 2010, this lager coloured ale is full bodied, well-rounded and slightly sweet on the palate.

A generous late addition of Mount Hood hops result in a delicate fruity hop aroma.
Big Red

Traditional Deep Red Ale

4.0% ABV

A full bodied ruby red ale with subtle chocolate malt character.

Inital maltiness leads to citrus, spice and bitterness at the end.

A rare Slovenian variety of hop provides both bitter finish and the aroma.
Silver King

Dry Citrus Lager Style Beer
4.3 ABV
Our top-seller and flagship brand.
Since Brewing began at Ossett in 1998 Silver King has won many prestigious awards.
This lager-style beer has a crisp, dry flavour and a fruity, citrus aroma.

Strong Pale Ale

5.2% ABV

Our strongest permanently available brew. Excelsior has a mellow yet full flavour the develops into a fruity dryness on the palate.

A fresh hoppy aroma with citrus and floral characteristics.

SIBA National Supreme Champion 2003 and Stong Ale Champion 2006.

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